Future Hendrix: Purple Reign Tour

Purple Reign Tour, Sold out show at The Fillmore in Maryland. 

Shooting two sold out shows back to back is truly an experience I'm thankful for. Future had Maryland lit on a Monday night. Getting out of the photo pit was a struggle due to how packed the venue was; my friend even got his bag taken while trying to exit. The crowd definitely got their money's worth. Future performed every song you could think of and ended the night by inviting everyone to the after party. 

Shooting concerts has been something I've loved doing since I began, but it's also beginning to add stress. A sold-out show means that everyone is watching, so you have to deliver. This is the first show where I personally believe I did not deliver a quality body of work. I try to make my work as diverse as possible and give my audience different perspectives of the show, but I personally believe that this show I lacked a lot of things. I've enabled the comments section below to hear some feedback from others, good or bad, I would love to hear it. Thanks to everyone and enjoy.