Beat Duke

After a long ride to Chapel Hill, I was greeted by Miker at the crack of dawn. A short nap later and homecoming weekend had officially started. I asked for a campus tour and was amazed by the beautiful campus. All around me I saw Carolina blue and activities in preparation for the big game against rival Duke. I was then lead to Kenan Memorial Stadium. I expected a lot of people getting a look at the field before the big game, but it was eerily empty. I was able to explore the stadium for a good hour and capture all the photos I needed. Due to the weather and stadium policies, I was unable to bring my camera along with me on game day. So I kept my camera safe and dry, instead using a simple iPhone to encapsulate the raucous atmosphere. My first game day experience was insane. I'm not sure how I managed to get up and start drinking so early but it was very necessary - a three-hour game is no joke. UNC destroyed Duke, and the fans were involved throughout the whole game. The Game ended 66-31, but was over long before then. UNC celebrated while Duke fans left Chapel Thrill feeling D.U.M.B